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At the Eye Institute of Houston, we are equipped to undertake various Lasik procedures. With our experienced medical professionals and state-of-the-art technology, we have been able to provide quality services to our neighbors in Houston and Pasadena.

Our premier Lasik services include:

  • Refractive Eye Surgery:This is one of the most effective ways to correct or repair one’s vision. These kinds of surgeries primarily involve reshaping the cornea and implanting a lens inside the eye.
  • Bladeless Lasik: Our ophthalmologists are able to provide bladeless Lasik procedures that focus on using lasers and advanced technology to carefully correct your vision safely and efficiently.
  • Custom Lasik: This technique makes use of wavefront technology, which creates a 3-D image of the eye. By doing this, our surgeons can have a better scope of a patient’s individual and specific condition. This method increases the chances of 20/20 vision.
  • Cataract Surgery: When diagnosed with cataracts, the only approach to fixing this condition is surgery. During this procedure, a lens is implanted in order to enable clearer vision. This surgery typically takes less than an hour.
  • Laser Vision Correction: This method is used primarily for fixing nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism. The laser is used to remove some tissue from the cornea, which serves to adjust the eye’s ability to focus.
  • Lasik Financing: We believe in providing superior service at affordable prices. As such, we offer a variety of payment methods and payment plans for patients to choose from and will work with you to find an option that meets your specific needs.

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