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Cataracts can be defined by the cloudiness of the lens in one’s eye. In this situation, light cannot pass through the eye as clearly, thus one is left with murky vision. Cataracts can affect either eye or both at once. At the Eye Institute Of Houston, we have helped dozens of patients with their Cataracts and can work toward improving your condition.

You should schedule an appointment with one of our eye care professionals if your vision is:

  • Dim
  • Double
  • Cloudy/blurry
  • Not as colorful
  • Sensitive to light
  • Impaired during night

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We test for cataracts using three methods: visual acuity tests, dilated eye exams, and tonometry. If the tests prove positive for cataracts, then surgery is the next step. The actual surgery takes less than an hour and recovery post-surgery is not too long either. Itching and sensitivity should clear after one to two days and eye drops are prescribed for a couple of weeks for faster healing.

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