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An excellent choice for vision correction, custom Lasik surgery is a safe and affordable method to permanently correct your vision. Stop relying on eyeglasses and contact lenses and schedule an appointment for a free consultation at Eye Institute of Houston today! We specialize in custom Lasik in Houston, Texas, and offer our services to patients living in and around the metropolitan area.

From Meyerland and Spring to The Woodlands and Bellaire, Texas, patients know that they canplace their trust in our eye surgery specialists. With our custom Lasik eye surgery, we produce excellent results that are tailor made to correct your particular vision issues. Since everyone has different eye structures, you’ll need custom Lasik to handle your unique vision issues.

Extensive Custom Lasik Eye Surgery Options

Achieve better quality vision through our custom Lasik eye surgery procedures. As your laser eye surgeons, we are always looking for technology and surgical methods that can improve upon the Lasik experience for ourselves and our patients. By using current Wavefront technology, we can offer our patients a better vision correction procedural experience. When you want the very best for yourself and your vision correction, you need to schedule a consult about our custom Lasik
eye surgery options.Improve your chances for perfect 20/20 vision with our customizable options.

You can also reduce the chance for glare, light halos, and night vision irregularities with our custom Lasik eye correction solutions. Learn More about Wavefront Custom Lasik Surgery Wavefrontoptimized Lasik uses the Wavelight™ laser to treat your particular vision issues. We use your prescription for vision correction as a base to calibrate the laser, but we also take into account the thickness and curve of your corneas. By using this unique data, we can perform custom Lasik surgery for your specific conditions. During your operation, we apply laser energy in a unique manner to your cornea’s periphery. This precise laser treats basic irregularities like refractive errors and uses premapped cuts to identify and repair small optical system issues.

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