Bladeless Lasik in Houston, TX

Bladeless Lasik surgery is performed entirely with a laser instead of a traditional surgical blade. Introduced in 1999 and adopted into the methods used at the Eye Institute of Houston, this type of surgery is gaining in popularity for a number of reasons. Schedule a free consultation with our Lasik team at our office if you feel that this procedure is for you. We perform bladeless Lasik in Houston, Texas, and we accept patients from all over the surrounding counties.

By using a highenergy femtosecond laser, bladeless Laser surgery is more precise and safer than traditional Lasik surgical procedures. Let us improve your vision better than ever before with our bladeless Lasik. We work with patients in and around the Houston metropolitan area, including the neighboring towns and cities of River Oaks, Katy, Sugarland, and Humble, Texas.

Looking for Bladeless Lasik Surgery in Your Area?

Using a highpower laser to cut the traditional Lasik flap on your cornea, our bladeless Lasik surgery takes the precision of the cut to the next level. Incorporated into the entire Lasik procedure, the bladeless option still follows all of the guidelines and procedures of the Lasik surgery method. The only difference is using the femtosecond laser instead of the mircokeratome instrument to cut the hinged flap in your cornea.

Choose Bladeless Vision Correction for Your Surgery

Typically referred to as “alllaser” Lasik, our bladeless vision correction uses the IntraLase™ laser for all cutting purposes. Taking only 15 to 20 seconds of cutting time,this type of bladeless vision correction can have you in and out of the procedure in little time. The creation of the corneal flap is the most important and stressful portion of the surgery and the femtosecond laser removes the possible complications of incorrect flap formation. Flap complications are extremely rare to begin with, but our bladeless vision correction solutions take them completely out of the equation. With easier predictability then mircokeratome blades,
our lasers reduce the risk to nothing.

Contact us today for a bladeless Lasik option. We offer bladeless vision correction for patients throughout Houston, River Oaks, Katy, Sugarland, and Humble, Texas.

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